WARNING: This PROGRAM Is Limited To Only 20 People (5 People In Each Group) 7 13 Spots Already Gone
Life's mistakes keeping you from your dream of home ownership?.. Life's dreaded 9-5 hamster wheel giving you no control over your financial freedom?.. Not able to slow down and spend time with YOUR loved ones?.. They are what fuels you to do more, learn more & achieve more! 
How would you like James Graham and his Team to PERSONALLY help you get your First (OR 5th) Rent to Own Property, Systemize Your Buying or Selling & Teach You To Build Financial Freedom in The Next 30 Days!
Join Now For A One-Time Discounted Payment Of Only $11,985     $4,697
OR 2 Monthly Payments of $2,348
We are only taking in 20 People In The Program - If This Page Is Online Right Now,
Then A Few Spots Are Still Available...
What does Creative Real Estate Apprenticeship Program mean to you?
From the desk of James Graham
New York, NY
What does "Creative Real Estate Apprenticeship Program" mean for you?

For some of you, you are a real estate newbie, dreaming of finally having a full pipeline of deals and clients...

For others, your Zero Credit or Bruised Credit is stopping you from acquiring property because the banks won't give you a dime. You can't simply delete the negative credit... And you need to know how to Acquire property today while you eliminate the credit issues over time.

And for others, you've been in real estate for years... BUT you don't have a reliable system you can trust to consistently build wealth at your pace... So your business remains on that sleepless, stressful, seemingly endless Feast or Famine treadmill.

One way or another, I've walked in each of your shoes... Both when I was just starting out, after leaving college, 30 years ago... And during different stages of my real estate journey before figuring it out.

And today, I'm going to share with you everything... All my secrets - NO RESTRICTIONS, I'm going all in!

You'll see how I went from a 21-year-old college drop-out with a big dream of buying a home to take care of my siblings and my dying single mom... To acquiring 100's of properties without banks and became a 7 figure Real Estate business owner...

And I'll show you that you can too... with this program - Today!
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
Total Value = $8,988
Stack properties into your portfolio to grow cash flow. 
Build wealth at a rate you always control today!
You don't have to pay for Total Value = $8,988

Not even $5,000

Join this Creative Real Estate Apprenticeship Program TODAY!
FOR ONLY $4,697
OR 2 monthly payment of $2,348 ONLY
Don't Just Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
The information provided by James was invaluable to launching me to the next steps of my BNB business. He really cares and takes the time to not just speak about useful processes but also shows evidence of his model's success.
Listen, to anybody contimplating getting this program..Jim was the best. The value, mentorship and knowledge he provided was honestly the most value I have ever received. He really means what he says it's not about the money to him. Do it, your life and perspective will change!
Willie Ray
This by far was the best money I have ever spent! Hands down. I encourage anyone looking into getting started or even wanting to get more experience in real estate. I was skeptical at first dealing with other real estate gurus but just minutes into speaking with Mr. Jim I was convinced he was different. I literally didn't want my coaching session to end. He will give you the keys to success. We have already set plans in motions to start getting my first property under my belt. Like I said " THE BEST MONEY I HAVE EVER SPENT". He's really not just about money he genuinely wants to help people succeed in life. I'm telling you now you wont be sorry.

Cameron Brooks
If you are tired going to real-estate investing guru's introductory courses where they try to upsell you or trying to go it alone without any success, then Jim Graham is the person you seek. Jim is a caring and compassionate who truly want to see his students succeed. He won't tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. I walked away from my session knowing exactly the next course of action I need to take and you will too.
Jim is a Great human being and helps you all the way thru the setup and mentoring of your real estate business I would recommend to everyone!
"ABSOLUTELY THE BEST BANG FOR BUCK DEAL YOU CAN FIND IN THE SUBJECT MATTER. If you are familiar with the world of Real Estate Investing and how highly priced coaching is in the subject matter. believe me when I say Jim is giving you real world advice, usable content and proven tips to build your REI business FOR PENNIES. Very happy with Jim and excited for my future success"
Eliot Ferrer
"He (James) was always very helpful and honest; I felt I could trust his input and judgment."
George Sharr - CEO - Multi Million Dollar Corp.
"This coaching has been really helpful and has been great to work with. Excellent advise, good knowledge of the industry, the supporting material is ideal. Overall all excellent support and at affordable price. I'm really happy that I choose to work with his as my mentor. :) "
He is fantastic. I loved his training. He has answered all my questions in detail like what to say to the landlord for renting their property, how to price your properties, best strategy to get maximum payment of your property, how to find cleaners, how much to pay them, etc. I asked a lot of questions and he had very good answers for all of them. He is an excellent resource who actually does the work on AirBNB and has many properties listed there unlike the so called gurus who might be just teaching what they don't do. He also showed me his active account so he is the real deal. He is doing a great service to the society by providing this service at such a low rate to make it easy for every.
Honestly , he’s a very nice knowledgeable guy . Sat with me 1 on 1 video chat and explained to me one of the ways to have revenue . Explained how he got to where he got and what he did to get there . Gives you the mentor feeling which is very nice because he gives you a reason to push yourself and not to be afraid . I would totally recommend 10/10
Jim was great and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to expand.
"James is a stand-up man. He’s a very solid citizen; he’s extremely honest with very high integrity."
Tom Hill – Senior Lending Officer
"Have already told a number of people about you and your services. I have said you are trustworthy and genuine. I am comfortable purchasing property through you from Australia. Your guarantee of rental return once purchase is completed and bringing the property to a rent ready standard is rare and a blessing. I believe you stand by your word. I have also advised them that you are a Christian company. You see I am a Christian also."
Kathy from Australia
My time with Jim was incredibly valuable, and he gave me very precise and actionable advice to get me and my business to the next level. His heart is to truly help and mentor others, and he is not motivated by the money or anything else--which is extremely RARE. I would recommend REIMentor to anyone who is looking for some real estate or Airbnb expertise/advice. He is a real practictioner and is walking the talk, and he will truly care about getting you to where you want to be in your investing/airbnb journey.
Eric Justin
Jim is AMAZING he delivered exactly what he promised he would. I knew NOTHING about real estate / Airbnb but after over an hour of chatting on ZOOM I was able to understand exactly what I was getting myself into and it felt great. Jim will answer all of your questions or concerns and he will not get off the call until YOU understand.
Very informative. This is exactly what I was looking for. 10 out of 10 stars. Highly recommended!
Elijah Weicks
Jim was amazing he delivers exactly what he promises! It is difficult weeding through the people who just try to sell you their plans and books he actually coaches you and explains what you need to do!
Kate Rose
Its really packed with so much much value, and seriously worth more than we payed for. And with so much transparency. The mentor gives me so much hope. Thank you very much.
Jim is really great! He have enlightened me on the things and steps that I should do in entering real estate. Even though I was not able to watch the video when we had our session, he still supplemented me learnings and shared stories of successes of his students.
Jiare Monte
Awesome. Jim is a really great guy who really loves to help people. He knows what it's like to go through hardship but not let it stop him. One of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Highly recommend. Has a lot of experience
Let me Tell you more about what You'll get when you join this progRam
My "NO Bank Qualifying" System, the expertise of me & my team to help you easily and comfortably negotiate and navigate from beginning to end to avoid the pain of another NO.
You will have everything you need to aquire your next Rent To Own or Seller Finance property... With Low-Low Down, Less Than Perfect Credit, With Payments Less Than Rent and Without A Bank... For You to Live in or Rent It Out (for cash flow) or Quick Flip It-No Rehab (for lump sum profit)
When I first started out building my Real Estate business - I had to figure out everything myself.

There was no one to guide me. I lived by trial and error and used reverse engineering to develop processes that work and I was blessed to work a few years as a VP in the banks commercial lending division, learning all the bank's ins and outs to clearly understand how money flows.

That's why I know that you need a guide. You need someone to hold your hand for a few days (a month) to really get things going for you.
30 Day Start to Finish Access to James(me) and the team to help YOU through and guarantee your success in the Creative Real Estate Apprenticeship Program.

Just send an email or call me and my managers to get all the answers to your questions. Or just ask the questions in my Mastermind Community where entrepreneurs, investors and property owners, like you, can help. (more information inside the program).
30 Day Access to James Graham and Team
($4,997 Value)
Creative Real Estate Apprenticeship Program 
Mastermind Community
For business owners, aside from cash and liquidating assets. Quality network of people is one of the best assets any business can have.

Inside this network of people of like minded individuals, like you, in the Real Estate Industry. You can find your lifelong clients, business partners, investors and mentors, which can catapult your business into success, through:

- referrals
- praises 
- connections 
- partnerships

 ...that your networks surely gave and have.

You'll also see the behind-the-scenes of the successful businesses of the community members, see what's working and what is not.

You can also ask questions in the Mastermind Community where entrepreneurs, investors and property owners, like you, can help. (more information inside the program)
Listen to or watch the recordings of all the live training sessions in the Creative Real Estate Apprentice Program anywhere in the world, anytime you want.

With this recording, you can always go back and review any of the live training sessions to refresh your mind of the strategies and processes taught inside the program and implement them in real life to acquire your first property, accelerate the growth of your portfolio's cash flow and  build a significant wealth in real estate.

You don't have to pressure yourself to memorize all the knowledge
you can soak in.  Simply login and learn from the program at your own pace because you'll have all the recordings of the program for a year!

Live Recording of the Creative Real Estate Apprenticeship Program
($997 Value)
For the first 20 students ONLY
This limited edition bonus for the first 20 students -- 30 Day AirBnB Empire Masterclass, will guide you how to leverage the system that you will learn in the Creative Real Estate Apprentice Program and earn profits in AirBnB platform and become one of the top property owners with 5 stars in the AirBnB platform.
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
  • No Bank Qualifying System
  • 30 Day Access to James Graham and Team
  • Creative Real Estate Apprenticeship Program Mastermind Community
  •  Live Recording of Your Creative Real Estate Apprenticeship Program 
  •   30 Day AirBnB Masterclass
$1,497 Value
$4, 997 Value
$1,497 Value
$997 Value
$2,997 Value
Total Value = $11,985
Stack properties into your portfolio to grow cash flow. 
Build wealth at a rate you always control today!
You don't have to pay for Total Value = $11,985

Not even $10,000  OR $5,000

Join Creative Real Estate Apprenticeship Program TODAY!
FOR ONLY $4,697
OR 2 Monthly Payment of ONLY $2,348
But how can I know if THIS PROGRAM IS right for me?
Not like any other training out there, this program is not for everyone.
We are very selective... to ensure that we only have people who really need my personal help to get their next property... so that the neither of us waste our time and money.
This course is not right for you if:
  • You don’t have a need for a home or a desire to own property in the near future
  • You expect to be an overnight success using this product
  • You don’t have the time and not planning to make a time to make this program work
  • You’re not an action taker and don’t want to change.
This course is for you if:
  •  You have the time and willing to use all the effort and resources to make this course work
  •  You’re an action taker, will accept my advice and will put in all the work and resources necessary to make this program work for you
  •  You understand that success is not achieved overnight

So If you’re all the YES and none of the NO, then hop in!

Creative Real Estate Apprenticeship Program is for you.

Just sign up and fill out all the required information to be part of Creative Real Estate Apprenticeship Program.

Offer will close in:
IS there a guarantee?
Yes, no problem.

If we don't have a Rent To Own /Seller Finance property for you or we can't help you find one in the next 30-45 days WE WILL FIND ONE FOR YOU!... 

or your investment BACK.

Just send me a message within 30 days, showing me that you did all the work.

Attended the live session, seek my teams support and did the exercises… and still no results?

No hassles. 

No hard feelings.

I’ll give you a full refund. Guaranteed.
It is the Pride of Ownership and an increased sense of self worth which comes finally having a home that you can proudly say is yours. 

Or the confidence which comes from being able to add properties to your portfolio to grow cash flow 

or build wealth at a rate you always control.
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.
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